We explore the experience

of crossing borders

Today crossing borders has become a part of our daily routine. We travel for our studying and work, meeting with friends and our family. It is pretty easy and fast today to buy tickets or book accommodation for any trip. However, how much is it easy - to cross borders? What difficulties do people experience when they are going through border control? How do they feel, and which problems should be solved? We are exploring personal experiences from different corners of the world and invite you to join this exciting adventure.

Borders’ experience across

historical space and time

In a unique historical place that combines the cultural heritage of the Past and the technology of the present, we invite you to experience an unforgettable emotional experience and touch the inspiring history of Thurnau Castle.

We are analyzing the migration

data and working with the statistics

The statistics provide a general landscape of the dynamic in migration processes and its vector of development over the past decades. We have visualized important data to further explore the experience of crossing borders. You can see some dashboards here.

See you there

Exhibition - Borders of Belonging

Ausstellung - Grenzen der Zugehörigkeit


08.07. - 09.07.2023

12-17 Uhr


Schloss Thurnau, Kemenate